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WALLIS AND WINDSOR takes us back in history to the abdication of the British throne!

Join us on this musical journey of WALLIS AND WINDSOR a  play that is set in the 1930’s London. WALLIS AND WINDSOR is the extraordinary true story of two Kings. Brothers. One who gives up the throne for the woman he loves . The other who must take his brother’s place in history by embracing the throne and with the support of his majestic wife, become one of Britain’s most beloved Kings!


The WALLIS AND WINDSOR team has partnered with John Dade,  Author of  “IS YOUR Networking Net Working” and the Cigar Night Mixing Group to help raise funds for this wonderful musical.   For the first 250 people that connect with us via our link below, we will send you a copy of John’s book FREE.


Pledge more than $100.00 to the KICKSTARTER Campaign and you get the following items

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